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Designer: Dmitry Potapov


eople in my paintings have no brain. That means enlightened people. Because the issue of enlightenment is overcoming the illusion of the mind and that it controls us. The Buddha spoke of this, it is spoken of in Hinduism, and also this is said by Eckhart Tolle, one of the great Spiritual Masters of modernity.
The fact that I reflect the theme of the mind in my work (in the form of a lack of mind in people) says that through my work I bring the idea of enlightenment to the world. And if more globally - I am a person carrying out the idea of enlightenment, which is fundamental to our time. Since I am very interested in philosophy and religions, I can say that the theme of the mind, the knowledge and awareness of this mechanism and its management is the main theme for our society according to what all the Spiritual Teachers of our time say. This is what is happening to humanity at the moment, it is a transformation necessary for humanity. Or in other words, this is a topic for human enlightenment.

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