DLX10 - a Modern Floor Lamp

Simon Haeser - DLX10 -SimonHaeser-07.jpg

DESIGNER: Simon Haeser


Combining many of my passions, design allows me to explore the dialogue and co-existence between product and person. I gain personal satisfaction from each step of the creative process and the challenge of turning concepts into beautifully manufactured pieces. My goal is to do justice to the materials and show the synergy between inspiration and function. I strive to create designs that are aesthetically pleasing whilst comfortable to use.

‘DLX10’ is a minimalistic floor lamp, designed for a modern living space with a neutral colour palette for timeless appeal. Its sleek design with strong yet subtle lines completes an ambient light designed and built to compliment any contemporary living space. 

To create a piece with a beautiful aesthetic without loss in functionality, the designer paid close attention to all materials, proportions and finishes. Nevertheless, materials and finishes can be altered to suit the intended environment. Using only a few yet durable components and materials, all produced by accessible manufacturing processes allows DLX10’s to be sustainable during its production and lifetime.  

With this most recent project, the designer further explored his personal style and taste in product and furniture design as well as his manufacturing skills. The design was developed to suit a previously produced range of products.

Simon Haeser - DLX10 -SimonHaeser-01.jpg


Instagram: haesermade

email: design@simonhaeser.com