Designer: Corinna Göhlich


I'm a 23 year old carpenter, based in Münster - Germany. Currently I am studying design at Akademie für Gestaltung, Münster, in the fourth semester. I connect my experiences as a carpenter with modern design to high-quality and unique products. 

I have recently dealt with the subject light, the effects on humans and the creation of atmosphere, especially in connection with color. I think light should be consciously perceived.

The body of Circula is made of black, powder-coated aluminum, which carries a dichroic glass pane. This is rotatable by 360° and changes its color from magenta to bright yellow-white. The reflective light emerges in a green-bluish tone.
Therefore different lighting atmospheres can be created. Illuminating the disk laterally, the light is warm white, it can be used e.g. for reading.

The observer should interact with the light object, move it, perceive the expansion of the light in the space. Create his/her own artwork.
Depending on where the luminaire is placed and in which angle the pane faces the lamp, the colored surfaces change. Likewise the reflections differentiate. If you get another position to the luminaire, you can look through the glass or you can see yourself and the environment.
The discoloration and the reflections make the observer, the luminaire and the surrounding space merge into a larger whole.

Corinna Göhlich - Circula 9.JPG
Corinna Göhlich - Circula 10.JPG


Instagram: corinna_goehlich