Alpine Botanic Garden

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Designer: Wei Kai Chu


I am a postgraduate student who just finished my master degree study at Bartlett School of Architecture at UCL. Alpine Botanic City is the final year project that I have done at Bartlett Unit 11 in this year. The project respond to the climate change impact to Alpine mountain vegetation at Switzerland by temperature rising. Thus, the scheme of the project is developing a meadow of green houses that conserve and regenerate the authentic alpine climate in order to grow and display alpine vegetation inside the building. Different prototypes of cultivation beds are proposed in response of different growing conditions of Alpine rarities (also called alpine flora). Being curated from upper area to lower area of the hill at chosen site with communal walkways connecting each prototypes, people are allowed to immerse them self and meander in between the delicacy of alpine native micro-ecology. The Botanic City is a cluster of crystal architecture which stands as incubator of disappearing authentic alpine ecology and aims to revive them in the future.

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Website/Instagram: w_k.chu